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Privacy & Record Retention

The Bishop Law Firm
Statement Concerning Privacy and Confidential Information

The Bishop Law Firm respects the privacy and security of its clients’ non-public personal information and protecting our clients’ personal information is one of our top priorities. This Privacy Statement explains The Bishop Law Firm’s privacy practices, including how we use the personal information we receive from our clients and from other specified sources, and to whom it may be disclosed. The Bishop Law Firm strictly follows the privacy practices described in this Privacy Statement and, depending on the business performed, The Bishop Law Firm may share information as described and outlined herein. Trust and Privacy are Important to The Bishop Law Firm

Maintaining our client’s trust and confidence is our v ery highest priority. We appreciate and highly respect our client’s choice to engage our services and in so doing we respect our client’s right to keep their personal information confidential and understand theirdesire to avoid unwanted solicitations. A recent change in Federal law requires that our firm (along with b anks, brokerage houses, and other financial institutions) disclose our Privacy Policy to you. It is our hope that b y taking a few minutes to rea d it, you will have a better understanding of what we do with the information you or another source provides us and how we keep that information private and secure. In order to better serve your needs now and in the future, we may ask that you provide us with certain information. We understand that you may be concerned about what we will do with such information; particularly any personal or financial information. We agree that you have a right to know how we will utilize the information that you provide to us. Therefore, we have adopted this Privacy Policy to govern the use and handling of your confidential and personal information.

Types of Information
Depending upon which of our services you are utilizing, the types of nonpublic personal information that we may collect include:
  • Information we receive from you or your agent on application or other forms such as your name, address, social security number, tax identification number, asset information and income information
  • Information that we received from you through email or our Internet Website, such as your name, email address, physical address, Internet Protocol Address, the website links you used to get to our website and your activity while using or reviewing our website
  • Information about your transactions with us or services provided by us on your behalf from you, your lenders, or representatives or other third parties, information on your home or other real or personal property, account balances and credit card information; and
  • Information about your transactions with us, your lender, or others; and
  • Information we receive from your lender or your attorney in connection with such transaction

Disclosure of Personal Information
We may request information from our clients for our own legitimate business purposes, which may include, but may not be limited to, real estate closings and other loan transa ctions, and not for the b enefit of any nonaffiliated party. Therefore, we will not release our clients’ information to nonaffiliated parties except: (1) as nece ssary for us to provide the service that you or your lender have request ed; (2) as permitted by law; or as (3) requested by our client.

Confidentiality and Security
We restrict access to Personal Information about our clients to those employees who need to know that information to provide the services that The Bishop Law Firm was asked to provide. We will use our very best efforts to ensure that no unauthorized parties ha ve access to any confidential client information. We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about our clients to those indiv iduals and entities who need to kno w that information to provide services to you. We will use our best efforts to train and oversee our employees and agents to ensure that client information will be handled responsibly and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the law. We currently maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

Information Obtained Through Our Web Site
The Bishop Law Firm is sensitive to our clients’ privacy and believe it is important our clients know how we treat the information about our clients that we receive from our Web Site and on the Internet. In general, anyone can visit The Bishop Law Firm’s Web site on the World Wide Web without us knowing their presence or revealing any information. Our Web servers may collect the domain names, not the e-mail addresses, of visitors. This information is aggregated to measure the number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed and similar information. The Bishop Law Firm uses this information to measure the use of our site and to develop ideas to improve the content. There are times, however, when we may need information from visitors, such as name and email address. When information is needed, we will use our best efforts to let persons know at the time of collection as to ho w we will use the personal information. Usually, the personal information we collect is used only by us to:
  • Respond to your inquiry
  • Process a request
  • Allow you to access specific account/profile information.
If you choose to share any personal information with us, we will only use it in accordance with the policies outlined above. In the unlikely event a security breach of non-public personal information occurs, The Bishop Law Firm will immediately:
(a) Identify the cause or source of the breach;
(b) notify the client of the breach and appropriate authorities as deemed necessary;
(c) investigate and address the cause of the breach; and
(d) take all preventative measures and steps to remediate the breach.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time consistent with applicable privacy laws. When The Bishop Law Firm amends this Privacy Statement, it will post a notice of such changes on The Bish op Law Firm website. The effective date of this Privacy Statement, as stated above, indicates the last time this Privacy Statement was revised or materially changed. A log is maintained detailing all changes and procedures in the technology based function changes.